AntWeb - Site with stunning photos of pinned, identified specimens. An invaluable aid in identifying ants, it is like having your own reference collection. The site is also incredibly fun to just browse around on.

The Ants of Carling Arboretum and McKnight Prairie - A wonderful site with lots of photos, identification keys for ants of the Midwestern United States. The photographs are extremely useful.

The Ant Farm - FAQs,  general ant information, and a wonderful message board (see link below). A good source of information about keeping ants.

The Ant Farm's Message Board - An ant message board with a very friendly community. One of the best places to get ant questions answered.

AntCam - A neat site with live pictures of an ant colony, lots of information about keeping ants. - Michael J. Plagens' web site. Its focus is the study and appreciation of the Sonoran Desert. A beautiful site, with species accounts, places to go and original art work.

Australian Ants Online - An absolutely fascinating site about Australian ants. Great keys, lots of photos and information.

The Bees, Wasps and Ants Recording Society - Mainly information about hymenoptera of the British Isles, but good photos and general information as well.

BioQuip - A mail order biological supply house. Nice people, great catalog - good for hours of browsing.

Checklist of Arizona Ants - A draft list of the ants of Arizona by S.P. Cover and R.A. Johnson

Desert Ecology of Tucson - A nice site specializing in the ecology of the Tucson area. Nice photographs and species accounts!

Extrafloral Nectar Collecting Ants of the Sonoran Desert - Barry Sullender's collection of web pages dealing with his studies of extra-floral nectaries and ants around Tucson, Arizona. Fantastic photographs and fascinating text - highly recommended.

Florida Entomologist - Full text search of the Florida Entomologist's Journal. Lots of ant articles and just a generally great journal.

FORMIS: Ant Bibliography - A great search engine for finding ant (and general insect) literature

GAKKEN'S Photo Encyclopedia: Ants - A massive site, containing general information about ants, keys to Japanese ants, and tons of photos. While the site specializes in the ants of Japan, it is a very helpful site.

Dr. John T. Longino's How to Mount Ants Page - Great information on mounting ants for easier identification's Ant page - John Pickering & Hanh Nguyen' wonderful collection of ant information. Also has a staggering number of pages for other taxa...a well executed site

Ant Hill Wood - A cool site on the ants of Great Britain. Lots of photos and text, and a very good forum.

The Kurt Kuene Ant Page - A neat site in German and English with lots of information about keeping ants. An especially nice aspect of this site is the collection of photos of Mr. Kuene's ant farm setup.

The Lurker's Guide to Leafcutter Ants - A. San Juan's site dedicated to leafcutter ants worldwide. Really good source for information, pictures, and videos. The site also has numerous personal anecdotes that make for fascinating reading.

Myrmecology: The Scientific Study of Ants - A good site with a message board, bibliography, and a collection of links - Alex Wild's website. A collection of stunning ant and other insect photos. Absolutely lovely pictures, well worth visiting. One of my favorite weekly stops!

New World Army Ants - Gordon Snelling's Army Ant site. Has tons of info, photos and keys.

Notes From Underground - Online myrmecological newsletter. Frequent updates, nice photos and accounts of field trips. Very interesting reading.

Online Catalog of Ants of North America - Wonderful species accounts and range maps. So far only has information on Formicinae and Ponerinae. - Neat horned lizard biology and husbandry site, with photos and videos

PSY 252 Home - This site has really neat information and photos regarding slavery in acorn ants

The Social Insects Web - A good site, with lots of links, especially to journal search pages

Sonoran Arthropod Studies Online - Photos and information about arthropods of the Sonoran Desert

Learning About Insects on the Playground - Photos and information about arthropods of the Sonoran Desert - Links and information about the insects to be found in playgrounds

Learning About Insects on the Playground - Links and information about the insects to be found in playgrounds.