Solenopsis amblychila


Solenopsis amblychila, has a lovely golden color, especially in strong sunlight. They are very similar to Solenopsis aurea (the Golden Fire Ant) - in fact, I had originally misidentified these ants as Solenopsis aurea. It is quite difficult to tell the two species apart.

I mainly have found these fellows on cactus extrafloral nectaries.

Solenopsis aurea is often found on cactus extrafloral nectaries, as in these Apple QuickTime videos:

Solenopsis amblychila on extrafloral nectary 1 (Approximately 560KB)

Solenopsis amblychila on extrafloral nectary 2 (Approximately 560KB)

Here are a few shots of S. amblychila in their nest, under a rock. You can clearly see the difference in the major and minor workers.

S. amblychila minor workers drinking nectar from the extrafloral nectaries of a barrel catcus.